Focus on the Family and its political allies failed this week to convince the Supreme Court that marriage is imminent danger from a relative handful of gay couples who, under Massachusetts state law, cannot export their marriages to states where the marriages would be invalid.

Focus on the Family seems to argue that the court’s absence of hysteria is proof of the need for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriages (and, ideally, civil unions and any other shared benefits enjoyed by heterosexuals). According to the Washington Blade, pastors in Maryland plan a similar challenge to the religious freedom of churches that wish to perform gay marriages.

In Alabama, anti-gay-marriage activist and legislator Gerald Allen is battling to ban the mention of homosexuality in books at public libraries, public high schools, and public colleges. The censorship would include classic works of literature and science books. According to the Washington Blade, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ACLU will fight the proposed ban.

In Michigan, HRC and the Log Cabin Republicans of Michigan are joining the fight against the state’s revocation of benefits for the partners of state government workers. (Yesterday’s XGW coverage.) The revocation was sought and achieved by anti-gay marriage activists, some of whom had previously said their battle was not against civil unions or benefits.

In Kansas and Missouri, fear is spreading, as gay residents in the heartland see signs emerge of a wave of antigay discrimination and vandalism, according to Reuters.

Media Matters for America notes that Pat Robertson is adding acid to his own antigay rhetoric — declaring that gay people are "self-absorbed hedonists … that want to impose their particular sexuality on the rest of America," and disseminating what MMA considers falsehoods about the U.S. Supreme Court.

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