United Church of Christ seminarian Chuck Currie writes:

I have a great deal of love for the United Methodist Church and the local
that really live by the slogan “Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open
Doors.” It is sad that those doors are increasingly labeled “For Straights

Conservatives opposed to the UCC commercial are claiming that gays and
lesbians are welcome in all churches. This proves that statement is inaccurate.

Gays and lesbians are excluded from the life of the church and far too many
Christians are proud of that exclusion. The Kansas City
had this quote today about the UCC spot from one leader of the
Religious Right (and Bush White House adviser)…

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Earlier this week, Chuck cited this scary survey finding:

A poll came out this
year that showed that 64% of "evangelical, born again Christians" would support
a Constitutional amendment to establish Christianity as the official religion of
the United States. 32% of the general population would support such a move.

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