Dan Gonzales wrote last Friday with an update on the American Family Association and Concerned Women for America.

Knight, of CWFA, claims three times in an AFA/AgapePress release that the United Way is supporting "pro-homosexual groups" but Knight does not name them. Were he to name them, Gonzales notes, public scrutiny of Knight’s bizarre claims would be possible:

  • "it openly supports numerous pro-homosexual groups with its money."
  • "a major portion of the money the charity collects is being given to pro-homosexual groups."
  • "the organization’s ongoing financial support of the homosexual agenda."

Knight further justifies his boycott against the United Way and Target with the rationale that one declines to support the Boy Scouts of America and the other has ended its holiday support of the Salvation Army. BSA and the SA discriminate on the basis of religious affiliation and sexual orientation, though that is not the reason for Target’s withdrawal of support.

Meanwhile, Gonzales notes, the AFA has broadened its boycott against gay-tolerant Procter and Gamble with a press release blasting "Will & Grace" and "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy":

The sitcom Will & Grace
regularly promotes homosexuality and explicit sex-talk with jokes about
male and female genitalia, masturbation, oral sex … and even anal
sex. The series’ two male stars are both homosexual. From the
beginning, the series has been about nothing but sex. …

"Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" depicts five homosexual men remaking the "cluttered, straight men of the world" so that they look, dress and act in the manner of the "cool" and, by implication, superior "gay" community. The program consistently seeks to validate and glorify the homosexual lifestyle.

Apparently AFA has never watched either show.

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