BoiFromTroy reports:

Cable news channel CNN is refusing to air the new “Hopes not fears” ad by the Log Cabin Republicans because images in the ad, such as pictures of Jerry Falwell, Senator Rick Santorum and the Rev. Fred Phelps holding a sign that says “God Hates Fags” are “too controversial.”

“Liberal” has never been the word I’d use to describe CNN. “Bland,” “shallow,” and “spineless” are the adjectives that I had in mind. Superficial. Watching CNN is like watching The Today Show: Glamorous models stripping away the vital details and context of a story, leaving behind digestible bits of human emotion bracketed by advertising and makeup. Conservatives have Fox News; those who want to pretend they’re informed have CNN. I wouldn’t know what liberals watch these days; surely they can’t be reading books and blogs all the time.

On a separate note, I have updated the XGW entry on Focus on the Family’s criticism of Vice President Cheney. The New York Times reported today that FRC worked with Bush campaign staffers to repudiate Cheney and toughen the GOP platform’s opposition to any state’s recognition of gay civil unions.

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