I noted some time ago that the exgay network Exodus and some of its political allies periodically associate gay equality under the law with Nazism. I briefly connected this habit of the religious right with a web site by John Aravosis that compares religious-right speech with anti-Semitic speech. My own gut reaction was that while analysis of propaganda techniques is useful, Nazi-baiting tends be counterproductive for those who practice it.

Five months later, the comments are coming in again — resurrected recently by some remarks by Doug Parris of The Reagan Wing.

Now it becomes apparent to me, why the topic enjoys renewed popularity:

Yesterday, Atrios (via Jesus’ General) reported that the GOP convention’s opening prayer will be given by Sheri Dew, the childless, unmarried, Mormon head of Deseret Book. According to speech excerpts on both sites, Dew publicly shares Exodus’ belief that the battle against gay couples is somehow comparable with the battle against Hitler, adding that people who do not strive to smash gay civil unions are comparable to appeasement of Hitler.

For good measure, Dew on at least one occasion apparently scapegoated gay Americans and other alleged enemies of the family for her own inability to find a man willing to marry her.

I still maintain that there are few greater signs of one’s own insecurity and intolerance than to run around comparing other people’s lives and perspectives to Nazism.

Atrios offers a constructive response: A letter giving Dew a history lesson about Nazism and the persecution of homosexuals during and after the war.

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