At the political organizations steered by James Dobson — Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, and Exodus, among others — insults seem to have become part of doing business.

The latest indication of this: FRC says it will distribute fortune cookies at the GOP convention. Among the “fortunes”:

Real Men Marry Women:
Support a Constitutional Amendment to Protect Marriage

So now FRC is insulting single men and priests as well as same-sex-attracted men.

Save the Constitution!
Impeach an Activist Judge

Non-activist judges, presumably, favor smashing gay persons’ equality under the law, mandating conservative-Christian prayers in public schools and government offices, and allowing churches to use taxpayer money to lobby for political candidates.

#1 Reason to Ban Human Cloning:
Hillary Clinton

One expects spitballs like these from loudmouths like James Carville and Rush Limbaugh — not from a Christian organization claiming to defend women and families.
Hat tip to John Aravosis.

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