Curious to know a little about XGW’s readership relative to other weblogs? Here’s what I have found:

  • TruthLaidBear counts 30 unique incoming links to XGW, ranking this site a lowly No. 2,876 among blogs ranked by links. However, XGW’s daily traffic ranking is much better: No. 416. Among blogs with “gay” in the title, XGW is No. 1.
  • BlogShares counts 11 incoming links to XGW.
  • Google page rank is currently 5/10 in what Google defines as “importance.”
  • XGW receives an average of 450-500 visitors and 900 pageviews per day, according to SiteMeter.
  • Alexa counts only one web site linking to Ex-Gay Watch — and that site was deleted from the Internet (by me) when I moved to and more than six months ago. Alexa appears to be incompetent at locating new links and purging old ones. To be fair, Alexa confesses to a long list of caveats about its data: The service tracks the few Internet users (usually webmasters) who have installed Alexa spyware in their Internet browser. Also, the data becomes progressively more inaccurate as a site’s rank declines from the very top. This discussion criticizes Alexa’s measurement methods, and points out several ways to rig one’s Alexa ratings.

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