From Michael Hamar:

365gay reports that Minnesota state Rep. Arlon Lindner has lost the state GOP’s endorsement to run for another term of office.

In recent years, Lindner has reportedly called Jews irreligious, insulted Buddhists, and jointly blamed African-Americans and HIV/AIDS patients for turning the United States into “another African continent.”

Lindner’s views on the Holocaust are drawn from the claims of ex-gay activist Scott Lively. Both assert that not only were homosexuals not persecuted in Nazi Germany, but that the Nazi leadership was homosexual. The pair’s Holocaust-denial theories are dissected by Stephen Feinstein, director of the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at the University of Minnesota, and by The Annotated Pink Swastika, among other sites.

Google lists nearly 200,000 documents referencing Nazi persecution of homosexuals; a great place for novices to start is the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s section on Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals.

Background information:

Salon blogger Duane and Blogspot blogger Brooklyn Bridge covered Lindner’s original Holocaust-denial statements in March 2003.

Duane helpfully linked to 365gay articles (archived copies courtesy of and to Lively’s political outfit.

Brooklyn gathered some Minnesotan context for the story, including a link to a Star-Tribune article from March 11, 2003. That article, too, is archived.

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