David Morrison, in Sed Contra: And They Wonder Why Parents Homeschool Their Kids, says:

Parent’s are rightly protective of their kids and the ideas and concepts to which their children are exposed. General opposition to same sex marriage will crystalize into voting against it if it becomes clear that its being forced on their kids in the schools.

(David’s a sweet guy, by the way. I had the pleasure of a couple hours of talking and walking with him a few weeks back. He is not ex-gay, but rather pro-chastity.)

Tom Cole, director of Living Hope Ministries in Arlington Texas, noted in a recent newsletter:

We are facing an almost overwhelming influx of gay friendly messages from our culture. From the political side we are seeing gay marriage and gay rights making inroads in nearly every state. On television we are seeing positive gay characters on nearly every show. There are even all-gay television shows promoting homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle. As I talk to youth, even Christian youth, I am finding a tolerance toward homosexuality.

(I haven’t gotten to meet Tom, but I’ve heard glowing reports of him as a warm, principled guy who happens to feel called to ex-gay ministry.)

In Rhea County Tennessee, county commissioners quickly rescinded their implausible moves toward banning gays. For the Associated Press, Bill Poovey reports:

But 12-year-old Caitlin Kinney, attending the meeting with her mother, said she supported the commissioners’ initial vote.

“I think they should go further, try to see if they can ban them,” she said. “It’s not a Christian thing.”

And Exodus spokesman Randy Thomas gently chides the folks of Rhea County:

Of course a land owner should be able to say who they will rent to, but for a government to declare even a small portion, a county size portion of land, unavailable to anyone seeking residence is counter to what a free society means.

The days of running people out of town because of sin are over. If it were equally applied we’d all be homeless and alone.

(Randy’s another good guy I hope to meet some day.)

So, what options remain for parents who are more in tune with PFOX and James Dobson than PFLAG and the Rev. Gene Robinson? Homeschooling out of anger about “forced” exposure to folks who are different? Surprise or dismay at finding that “even Christian youth” express tolerance of their gay peers? Wistful glances backward to a time when renting to or living near folks with different beliefs could be avoided?

How about stuff like this:

“Kids, we live in a world that includes a lot of different people.

“You’re going to end up knowing about and befriending kids whose lives are different from ours. Some of them will have grown up in faraway places, speaking other languages. Head coverings and clothing might be different for those who are Amish, Muslim, or Jewish. Features, shapes, skin colors, and ability levels will vary, too. And many of your friends will have just one parent, or divorced parents, or other arrangements.

“We don’t agree with everything that other people say or do (or don’t do), nor does Jesus. But that doesn’t stop Jesus from acknowledging that outcasts and sinners exist. Nor does it stop Jesus from listening to them and getting to know them for who they are, rather than who the outcasts’ enemies say they are.

“Jesus loved his neighbors. And we pray that you will learn to do the same.”

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