The Exodus Spotlight for Oct. 14 says this letter from an “anonymous high school counselor” is “very moving”:

I am currently a high school counselor in a public school in the Midwest. I am seeing first hand the students dealing with their homosexuality in the public school. It saddens me the harassment that does take place. I have received quite a bit of persecution from my fellow coworkers because I am not willing to endorse the homosexual lifestyle as the best lifestyle choice. They tell me that because I am not in favor of a GSA and because I refused to hang a rainbow flag on my door that they don’t want me to counsel our gay students. This makes my work situation tough at times, because I am young (25) and my fellow coworkers are all 50+, and I care for them all but the one most angry with me is my fellow counselor who is a lesbian.

Well the new year has started and even though my fellow co-workers would have liked to not have me back here God has me here. And I have to tell you that in spite of the absence of the rainbow flag….I still have teens coming to me on this issue. I actually just got done with a conversation with one my young ladies who is heavily into to lesbianism and she was telling me how she is depressed and keeps thinking about the spiritual void in her life. She is seeking, and being drawn to Him and she doesn’t even know it. But I have no doubt that God has me right here to be able to help her flesh some of this confusion out. Pray for her salvation and healing.

God has opened up some awesome opportunities with this young lady. She said she can’t talk about this with anyone else no one else listens and that’s why she wants to come to me. She even said that after she spoke with me on this she was feeling more at peace. I asked her that “if there is a God out there and He wanted to get your attention how do you think he would try to communicate with you?” All I can say is I am so excited to be where I am and I am getting the chance to love on the lost! She is only one of a handful that meet with me. Its funny to me that even though my fellow co-workers don’t want me working with “these students” the students keep coming to me as well as many others. I think God has a different plan. It can be draining some days not having the support or encouragement from my co-workers….but then God reminds that He is with me. Deut 31:6 is one of my theme verses!

Serving Him forever, wherever He sends me.

The counselor acknowledges opposing gay-straight dialogue, violating orders, disrespecting the wisdom of experienced superiors, and using his position — taxpayer dollars — to proselytize regardless of the wishes of parents. The counselor also neglects to provide facts explaining why the lesbian coworker is upset.

The counselor implies that he or she knows God’s will better than his coworkers do. And the counselor cites God’s approval as an excuse to violate the rules put in place by the taxpayers to limit abuse of government power.

The counselor, who at age 25 is quite inexperienced, is at risk of self-isolating paranoia toward coworkers who, in all likelihood, are people of faith possessing sufficient maturity and discretion to eschew insecurity and holier-than-thouism toward children and their parents.

Sadly, Exodus’ flattering quotation of the letter appears to be a near-endorsement of the counselor’s actions and paranoia.

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