From Exodus Spotlights, Oct. 14:

The Exodus staff has been working overtime to get the message out that freedom from homosexuality is possible through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Exodus declines to acknowledge that the ex-gay movement’s own studies (Spitzer, in particular) do not identify Christian faith as a requirement for shifts in sexual orientation.

Exodus also begins its Spotlight on a tired note, complaining about overtime in an age when overtime is routine.

With crowded schedules, persecution, secular media taking us out of context and angry activists: This job can appear to be a little over the top and we need reminders of the Lord’s love and redemption.

Exodus again declines to specify precisely how it has been portrayed unfairly by specific media — or persecuted. Instead, Exodus overgeneralizes and stereotypes. And if Exodus finds its job “over the top,” then the national office should reconsider its unnecessary participation in culture-war politics.

This week’s Spotlights will feature a columnist’s “gay fatigue” and feedback from our reader’s concerning youth and homosexuality. Often it is very important to remember to rest. Jesus, the Prince of Peace is a refuge and as Exodus leader Rev. David Kyle Foster says, “Instead of coming out…let’s come home to Christ.”

If the Exodus national office feels its own $640,000 budget is inadequate to achieve its aims, that may be attributable to exploitation and underappreciation by its $130 million sister organization, Focus on the Family.

Furthermore, it is unclear how or why Messrs. Thomas and Foster believe it is a sign of “peace” or “refuge” to tell same-sex-attracted people of faith, including Christians, that they are going to hell unless they closet themselves and join an intolerant political movement draped in merely superficial trappings of Christ.

In order to flesh out the “fatigue” theme, Exodus spokesman Randy Thomas cites a Dallas Morning News column by Steve Blow titled “‘Gay fatigue’ claims another in its grip.”

Mr. Thomas comments on Mr. Blow’s column:

While laughing never appeared on the list of possible personal reactions; this column is hitting upon something that the media at large has not quite gotten the memo about. If homosexuality is only supposed to be about equality why is there such an inordinate obsession with focusing on it?

Mr. Thomas misses the point of the column. Columnist Steve Blow is critical of the mass media for their obsessions with scandal and titillation in general, and for their pandering to culture-war groups in particular.

Steve’s idea of having a “National Shut Up Day” does not seem to be a very productive criticism but I can certainly understand why that would be a relief for some.

Quite the opposite. Telling culture warriors and their media pawns to shut up occasionally, and to allow constructive social dialogue, is a very productive idea. I understand, though, why Exodus would oppose that approach.

What do you think about gay fatigue? Do you agree that there we are overly saturated with programs, media and attention in general given to homosexuality? What do you feel would be an appropriate view of homosexuality’s role in society?

Mr. Thomas might consider that the institutions giving the most attention to homosexuality happen to be, voila, conservative Christian television and radio stations and advocacy organizations such as Exodus. Their message is overrun with the subject of homosexuality because they simply do not wish to address issues of broad, relevant, moral, social, and Christian concern.

Addressing major moral and social concerns with depth and insight is neither entertaining nor profitable. After all, when was the last time anyone watched Frontline, or held a town meeting to discuss the Catholic encyclicals against poverty, environmental decay, child labor, human rights, capital punishment, and unrestrained capitalism?

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