In 2012, Exodus International board vice chairman Dennis Jernigan visited with antigay activists in Jamaica, and protested U.S. and British opposition to that nation’s atrocious extrajudicial violence and 10-year prison sentences against sexual minorities.

Dennis JerniganJernigan criticized President Obama in particular, saying homosexuality (and therefore any concern about antigay violence) could be prevented if “fathers did their job.”

Exodus board treasurer Don Schmierer had previously told Ugandans much the same thing in 2009 — precipitating a campaign that led to that nation’s notorious Anti-Homosexuality Law which mandates life imprisonment for sexual minorities and long prison sentences for any friend, relative, or doctor who fails to report an LGBT person to authorities.

Jernigan was forced to resign from Exodus after his actions in Jamaica — but he’s back now, agreeing to appear Oct. 3-4, 2014, at a PFOX “ex-gay awareness month.”

Of the scheduled speakers — Alan Keyes, Matt Barber, Peter Sprigg, Sandy Rios, Greg Quinlan, Regina Griggs, and Christopher Doyle — several have either openly endorsed the imprisonment of LGBT Americans, or declined to oppose imprisonment.


Matt Barber supports imprisonment here and here.

Peter Sprigg supports imprisonment here and defended Uganda’s kill-the-gays legislation here

Greg Quinlan supports Holocaust revisionist Scott Lively’s efforts to imprison gays who don’t keep their orientation a secret.

Sandy Rios’ American Family Association supports imprisonment here and here.

When I’ve questioned him, Christopher Doyle has refused to oppose criminalization.

For good measure: Concerned Women for America supports imprisonment here, and so does Michael Brown.

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