A new website called “Discussing Marriage” says that it is “bringing reason and civility to the marriage debate.”

But thus far, the site only allows discussion that is one-sided, ill-informed, and anonymous.

It declines to identify its sponsors or authors; it falsely characterizes debate about marriage as having only two sides; and its characterization of opposing viewpoints consists mostly of strawman arguments in which the site’s view is “traditional” and “natural” while any other view is “revisionist.”

Unlike sites that truly moderate difficult topics, Discussing Marriage implies that “reason and civility” can be achieved by mischaracterizing all views except one’s own.

Update: The site anonymously responded via Facebook to my complaint:

Hi Michael! We are happy to engage with and discuss other viewpoints. In fact, our goal is just that and we would love to get some good, courteous conversations going on the topic. We allow all comments that are (a) civil, (b) on topic to the post, and (c) non-derogatory or profane. As you explore, you’ll see that we have allowed people with other viewpoints to comment on these post (and are thrilled when they do). Please share your questions, concerns, etc. We’d love to hear from people who have different views than our own. A great place to start the conversation is: What *is* marriage and how is it a unique form of relationship? Is it intimacy, commitment, enjoyment, potential for procreation, etc.? We’d love to hear from you and others!




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