Christian author John Shore nicely sums up the Southern Baptist Convention’s unanimous approval of a resolution, drafted by professor Denny Burk (pictured), which condemns transgender and intersex people.

Linking each bullet point to its source text in the SBC resolution, Shore (who affirms LGBT equality) says the resolution effectively declares that:

  • Transgender people are crazyDenny Burk, Southern Baptist professor
  • Transgender people are delusional
  • Transgender people are rejecting God’s will
  • Transgender people are rejecting God’s plan
  • If transgender people would pray more they’d stop being transgender.
  • Transgender people should not be protected by law.
  • No law should ever in any way validate transgender people.
  • It’s immoral for a transgender person to alter their body to reflect their gender identity.
  • Children must be protected from the transgender people being normal.
  • Hatred from the pulpit against transgender people should be practiced and protected.
  • All Christians should actively teach and preach against transgender people.

I’d summarize the resolution like this:

Whereas thousands of people are born every year with the genes or organs of both sexes, all Christians should lie and say they don’t exist — and then deny them their human and constitutional rights, and espouse myths about their personalities — because badly butchered Bible verses told them to be ignorant and brutish.

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