Graphic by Memeographs

Graphic by Memeographs

Ex-gay activist Scott Lively is the Holocaust revisionist who was caught employing a convicted child sex predator at his youth cafe in Springfield, Mass., in 2011, two years after famously keynoting the Uganda conference which launched that nation’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

Lively now joins Nicaraguan contra supporter and longtime antigay activist Peter LaBarbera in supporting Russia’s rapidly escalating climate of official antigay censorship and extrajudicial violence. (Source: AP via NewsDaily)

Late last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a national law prohibiting all speech that could be construed as supporting homosexual persons. A wave of widely photographed acts of violence against LGBT Russians ensued.

Since then, Lively has reaffirmed his 2007 “Letter to the Russian People” in which he urged Russia to “criminalize the public advocacy of homosexuality.” Lively also stated:

This is a very fast-growing social cancer that will destroy the family foundations of your society if you do not take immediate, effective action to stop it.

(An aside: Lively announced in 2009 that he was hanging up his “Pink Swastika” campaign of Holocaust history revision. But as recently as April 2012, Lively was still promoting his Holocaust revisionism on Facebook.)

On his website, Peter LaBarbera declined to oppose antigay violence in Russia, and supported the official government censorship. “Russians do not want to follow America’s reckless and decadent promotion of gender confusion, sexual perversion, and anti-biblical ideologies to youth.”

Austin Ruse, president of the U.S.-based Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, also praised Russia’s crackdown. “You admire some of the things they’re doing in Russia against propaganda. … On the other hand, you know it would be impossible to do that here.”


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