It’s little wonder that with so few facts on their side, anti-gay activists are forced to make earth-shattering headlines out of unremarkable material.

So it is that WorldNetDaily excitedly reveals that a gay activist has, supposedly, challenged pro-gay arguments:

But now the homosexual activists have had a wrench thrown in their argument, with the admission by a homosexual conference presenter that being “gay” isn’t necessarily permanent.

“Sexuality is fluid, especially when it goes beyond the binary of ‘gay’ and ‘straight’ labels,” says a description of the “Beyond Bisexuality: Living Between the Labels” seminar presented by Prideworks for LGBT Youth.

“The way a person experiences it may change over time and with monogamy, which may make labels confusing and ultimately unnecessary.”

WND trots out anti-gay extremists Greg Quinlan and Matt Barber to explain why the statement proves they were right all along:

It means [homosexual activists] honestly know and they’ve always known, they factually know, that sexuality is fluid and is a choice.

But it doesn’t, of course. Sexual orientation may change, but can it be made to change? The claim of the ex-gay movement is not that sexuality may shift over time, but that prayer, conversion, reparative therapy and other treatments can make sexuality change. The evidence repeatedly suggests not.

Psychiatrist Jack Drescher summed up the futility of gay conversion efforts perfectly last year:

I sometimes think of the anecdotal evidence as something like winning the lottery. I’ve seen people on TV talk about they’ve won the lottery ticket, and they’re marketing it as saying you can win the lottery ticket, too. Well, I think planning your financial future on winning a lottery ticket is like planning your sexual future on a conversion therapy.

You can read the full, game-changing admission — a brief blurb describing a workshop at an LGBT youth conference — here.

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