From Exodus International:

Yesterday marked Jeff and Angela Buchanan’s last day on the Exodus International staff.  Jeff served for the last 4 years and Angela the last 2 years.  During their time here, Angela served as Director of Communications and Jeff served as Senior Director of Church equipping until taking on responsibilities as Executive Vice President in August 2011.

Buchanan’s departure is no surprise to us.  His harsh, fundamentalist stance on all things gay made his presence during the Exodus rebranding somewhat suspicious.  It is our understanding that this move was an abrupt one, and that his change of attitude was equally abrupt.  We would not be surprised to see him participating in the new anti-Exodus splinter group, Restored Hope Network (RHN).  Time will tell.

I also want to officially announce that Randy Thomas is rejoining the Exodus staff full-time starting today.

Randy Thomas’ return is, however, somewhat surprising.  Thomas’ history is not one that will mesh well with “Exodus 2.0” and we think his reinstatement will turn out to be a mistake if Alan and company truly wish to head in a new and better direction.  To be blunt, nothing screams “old Exodus” like Randy Thomas in the position of Vice President.

Watch XGW for more information as we receive it.

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