There had been some speculation about how Joe Dallas could be part of both Exodus International and the splinter group Restored Hope Network (RHN) — the two claim antithetical goals.  When we asked Robert Gagnon about the prospect of dual membership, he replied, “[w]e are still in the process of working through this.”  For their part, Exodus told us the subject hasn’t really come up so they aren’t currently barring anyone from membership in both.

It now seems the matter is partially settled, for Joe Dallas at least.  His name is missing from the RHN committee page yet we have verified with Exodus that he is currently a member there.  We have no idea yet what prompted this change.  Perhaps RHN decided to limit his involvement, or perhaps he didn’t like what he was hearing at RHN.  We have sent an email to him asking for details on this change and will report here if he replies.

On the practical side, one wouldn’t expect many people would want to be part of both groups at the same time, at least not without some ulterior motive.

Edited 7:30 pm — added the word “committee” to the headline and made some minor changes to the body in order to stress that Dallas no longer appears on the RHN committee page but that he apparently remains a member.

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