Christopher Jay Hall, a guest blogger at “Raging Pride,” attended Exodus’ Love Won Out conference in Pheonix, Arizona on February 19th and was horrified by the kind of information being given as “fact:”

  • Speakers were determined to address a transgender person by “the way God intended them to be” and not how they identified personally. Transgender issues are often difficult for ex-gay activists to grasp, since gender identity and sexual orientation are two different things that don’t necessarily correlate. The classic argument is “God doesn’t make mistakes.”
  • Heterosexual couples have a life-long interest in their relationships that homosexuals lack. Studies that “prove” gays (specifically, gay men) have thousands of partners in a lifetime and have an average relationship lifespan of a few weeks have been disproven again and again, but are still used in conferences like these. That aside, since gay women are stereotypically perceived to be monogamous, I suppose this statement doesn’t account for them.
  • If a daughter lacks a healthy relationship with her mother, there is worry for lesbianism. A child should want to be like her mother.
  • An over-simplified understanding of genetics is used as scientific “proof” of their views. Genes will “cause alcoholism, violent behavior, depression, etc.” but this is part of being in the Devil’s grip in a world born into “Original Sin.” The “gay gene” must likewise be resisted.

Long after gays are given the equal rights they are due, and long after LGBTQ equality becomes a given, no matter the biological significance of homosexuality in nature, Exodus and their ilk will still cling to the “gay gene” canard. It’s much easier than trying to argue actual science – since they know it is not on their side.

  • 91% of women who identify as lesbian are apparently the way they are because of trauma from their childhood, largely sexual in nature. They also believe women are gay because of their relationships with men went sour.

Since a lesbian by definition is a woman who is exclusively attracted to other women, it wouldn’t surprise me if a relationship with a man “went sour.” But LWO here seems to say that when women get “tired of men” they’ll just flip a switch and go with women.

Additionally, Hall heard messages being delivered to queer and questioning youth in attendance that are extremely irresponsible, considering the rate of suicide among such young people:

Apparently, there [are] no such thing as homosexuals as we are all broken heterosexuals. They told the youth that homosexual behavior is always a sin. People who believe they are homosexual are not the sin itself. The person is not an abomination rather their behavior is the abomination they must seek help in overcoming.

There was, however, some hope.

[T]he youth were very intelligent and to some degree liberal. They were curious as to why our “sin” of homosexuality was a focus of the church when there are so many other sins within the church itself that are being ignored. The best question that left the presenters baffled was, “If it is bad to change one’s sex because it was god’s original intention to have us born the way we are, than why do we dye our hair, wear braces to “fix” our teeth, receive plastic surgery, etc. I was happy to see the amount of liberal individuals who attended, I am just saddened to see so many hurt souls who are forced to attend and the church feels they have no role in the high rates of suicide amongst our LGBTQ youth. What ignorance!

What ignorance, indeed. With all their talk of  “grace for the homosexual” and having compassion and “true tolerance,” the messages being delivered at the conference give quite a different image.

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