-Secretary of Education Arne Duncan calls for an end to bullying.

-Andrew Sullivan ponders the possibility of a major homophobic backlash.

-Johannesburg Pride draws attention to the plight of LGBT individuals in Africa.

-The National Organization for Marriage launches a media campaign attacking New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch for his role in legalizing same-sex marriage.

-Blogger John Shore challenges the notion that being gay is just another “sinful temptation.”

-Musician John Mellencamp asks the National Organization for Marriage to stop using his music at their rallies.

-Christine Bakke questions the depth of Exodus’ opposition to anti-gay bullying.

-A Maine house candidate distances himself from flyers distributed by NOM bashing his opponent.

-Warren Throckmorton encourages evangelicals to apply the Golden Rule when addressing the issue of anti-gay bullying.

-Opposition to same-sex marriage drops below 50%, according to the latest survey.

-Archbishop Desmond Tutu retires.

-Thousands of demonstrators gather in Salt Lake City to protest anti-gay statements made by LDS Apostle Boyd Packer.

-NOM is forced to pull and reedit its ad attacking John Lynch due to a copyright violation.

-ABC Family begins production on a TV movie based on the life of gay Mississippi teenager Constance McMillen.

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