Minutes ago, Exodus President Alan Chambers announced the following on the organizations Facebook page:

Dear friends, please pray for us at Exodus. We have experienced an unexpectedly low giving season this summer coupled with much higher expenses (insurance, utilities, etc). Sadly, we have had to let several staff go. Your prayers are appreciated. For those who are also having to endure this unfriendly economy, our prayers are with you!

On his own page, Chambers adds that they have cut benefits as well.  Exodus left a modest set of leased offices in the Spring of 2008 in favor of their own building, complete with million dollar mortgage.  Servicing that debt can’t be helping now that funds are scarce and the demand for ex-gay referrals appears in decline.  The first indication of financial difficulties came with the layoffs of two staff members late that same year.

Where does one go with such a resume?

Edited 8/23/2010 to include archived image of Facebook entry which was blocked from general view after post.

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