-The Montana Republican Party joins its Texas counterpart in calling for the reinstatement of sodomy laws.

-The National Organization for Marriage aligns itself with anti-gay activist Louis Marinelli.

-The US Supreme Court refuses to grant legal immunity to the Vatican in child sexual abuse lawsuits.

-Henry Schalizki and Bob Davis get married in Washington, DC after 62 years together.

-The US Supreme Court rules that a California law school can legally deny recognition to student groups that discriminate against gays.

-A group of doctors experiment with a treatment they think can prevent homosexuality in female babies.

-TWO’s Evan Hurst reports from a rally hosted by anti-gay evangelist Lou Engle.

-The Wisconsin Supreme Court unanimously upholds the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

-Members of the Marin Foundation practice reconciliation at the Chicago Pride parade.

-Google to compensate gay and lesbian employees for the taxes they have to pay on domestic partner benefits.

-The Irish government passes a civil partnership bill.

-The British Medical Association recommends that the National Health Service not fund conversion therapy.

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