-The National Organization for Marriage’s summer marriage tour continues to draw embarrassingly small turnouts in Albany, Providence, Trenton, Annapolis and Columbus.

-Warsaw, Poland hosts the 2010 EuroPride festival.

-President Mary McAleese signs Ireland’s civil partnership bill into law.

-Gay teen Derrick Martin organizes Project LifeVest to help other LGBT teenagers facing discrimination.

-Two former clients of ex-gay counselor Alan Downing accuse him of sexual misconduct.

-The United Nations grants consultative status to the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission.

-Outed California State Senator Roy Ashburn apologizes for his past opposition to gay rights.

-Rob Tisinai takes fellow activists to task for taking cheap shots at Maggie Gallagher’s weight.

-Lt. Dan Choi is formally discharged under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

-The ACLU sues the state of Montana for legal recognition for same-sex couples.

-A gay man is severely beaten outside of a nightclub in downtown Albuquerque.

-Comic-Con attendees upstage Westboro Baptist’s latest demonstration in San Diego.

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