-Manhattan borough president Scott Stringer announces plans to marry in Connecticut to protest New York’s lack of marriage equality.

-The University of Illinois decides not to renew the contract of a professor who spoke negatively of gays and lesbians.

-The Southern Nevada Health District severs its relationship with Canyon Ridge Christian Church due to the church’s ongoing partnership with anti-gay Ugandan pastor Martin Ssempa.

-Many Tea Party activists support the court decision striking down portions of the Defense of Marriage Act.

-Argentina becomes the first Latin American nation to legalize same-sex marriage.

-The Washington, DC Court of Appeals upholds the city’s rejection of an attempt to repeal marriage equality via ballot initiative.

-Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate Karen Handel displays her prejudice against gay couples.

-A group of US House Democrats reiterate their support for comprehensive immigration reform including protections for LGBT couples.

-The National Organization for Marriage draws minimal turnout on the first two stops of its “Summer for Marriage” tour.

-Luxembourg’s Governing Council takes a step in the direction of marriage equality.

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