-The Texas Republican Party calls for the criminalization of same-sex marriage and the reinstatement of sodomy laws.

-Massachusetts Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker marches in Boston’s gay pride parade.

-The Obama Administration announces plans to extend family and medical leave rights to gay employees.

-The Chicago Blackhawks to march the Stanley Cup in Chicago’s gay pride parade.

-A new study finds more similarities in brain use between gay men and heterosexual women.

-Beijing, China hosts its second gay pride event.

-The New York state senate passes an anti-bullying law after nine years of failure.

-GOProud fires back at the Family Research Council.

-Iraqi police raid and burn down a gay safe house.

-A Philadelphia grand jury rules that the city cannot evict the Boy Scouts from public facilities for violating anti-discrimination laws.

-The US Supreme Court rules that publicly releasing the names of petition signers does not violate the signers’ First Amendment rights.

-The European Court of Human Rights rules that member nations need not provide full marriage equality.

-A Minnesota Judge declares that anti-gay activists cannot be barred from a park rented for a gay pride event.

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