Abortion, suicide, homosexuality, addiction, child slavery…Christ is the only hope for this depravity.

Looking over the Exodus Freedom Conference website (archive), this quote really jumps out.  It’s from a band called Take No Glory (the members call themselves musicianaries).  Exodus lists them as special guests performing in the Wednesday evening general session.

I listened to one of their songs called “Straight.”  From the scripture references (Romans 1:18-27) it appears the title does mean straight as in heterosexual.  Subject matter aside, I can’t say much for the music or the lyrics.  There must be better bands that Exodus could afford.

What really grabs me is that, here we are again, it’s 2010 and Exodus is still putting quotes like that on their literature, and still inviting groups that say this, without someone saying “hey, that’s really lame and offensive, let’s not do that.”

I hate to pile on, especially when it seems Alan made a decent policy statement just last week, but can Exodus be this dumb?  Or am I missing the point entirely and this really is how they think and it’s just that they occasionally slip and let it show?

Your take?

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