-A new study reconfirms that children raised by lesbian parents fare as well children raised by opposite sex couples, and possibly better.

-Oklahoma City councilman Brian Walters votes against approving a gay pride event, comparing gays to pedophiles.

-Malawi couple Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga have reportedly broken up.

-A brutal anti-gay attack takes place at the Washington high school frequently scrutinized by pastor Ken Hutcherson.

-Details Magazine takes a look at the practice of gay exorcisms.

-LGBT candidates fare well in Tuesday’s primary elections.

-A transgender attorney runs against Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern.

-Two gay students are crowned King and Queen of prom at a New York high school.

-Washington, DC renames a two-block stretch of road after gay rights pioneer Frank Kameny.

-Transgender Americans can now change the gender on their passports without undergoing reassignment surgery.

-A homeless shelter for gay youth is vandalized.

-Iceland’s parliament legalizes same-sex marriage by unanimous vote.

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