Joe Jervis from the blog Joe.My.God has posted an excellent and refreshingly candid interview he conducted by phone with Jo-Vanni Roman (Lucien), the 20 year old male escort who accompanied anti-gay activist George Rekers to Europe recently. In that interview, Jo-Vanni mentions that he would be taping an interview for “that gay reporter on TV.” Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out (TWO) has confirmed that he will also be on CNN’s 360 with Anderson Cooper tonight.

A transcript of a conversation Rekers reportedly had with Jo-Vanni shortly after the story broke has been posted on the Miami New Times site. Both it and the Jervis interview add to the details. Jo-Vanni seems to be naive but bright and lacking in guile. In contrast, Rekers seems wrapped in layers of hypocritical deception, making conflicting statements and lashing out. The irony has not escaped notice.

Tonight’s interview is probably must-see for anyone who ends up reading here. Feel free to discuss your reactions and observations on this thread after.

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