As the UK goes to the polls, questions remain over a prospective MP who allegedly believes that gays and lesbians are demon-possessed, and can be set free through prayer.

An article in Sunday’s Observer (London) accused Philippa Stroud, who is standing for the Conservative Party in today’s election, of founding a church that cures homosexuality by casting out demons.

The story deserved some proper coverage from Ex-Gay Watch, but with the George Rekers scandal breaking this week, it rather fell into oblivion. Since the story is rather timely (the identity of our new Prime Minister will be known sometime in the early hours of tomorrow morning), I’ll do the next best thing and refer you to some of the coverage.

Check out the original Observer article here, and a related article alleging “secret” Tory Party funding from right-wing Christians here.

The ever-reliable Richard Bartholomew has covered the story here and here, with the latest update detailing Stroud’s impending legal action here.

Patrick Strudwick takes on the story at The Guardian’s Comment is free here.

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