-Anti-gay mobs in Senegal exhume and desecrate the bodies of several gay men.

-Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee compares gays to drug users.

-A leading anti-gay activist in Scotland confesses to possession and distribution of child pornography.

-Fred Karger, founder of Californians Against Hate, runs for president.

-The Missoula, MT city council votes to extend anti-discrimination protections to GLBT individuals.

-Restore Equality 2010 fails to qualify a Prop 8 repeal measure for the California ballot.

-Televangelist Joyce Meyers denounces Uganda’s proposed anti-gay bill.

-Christian musician Jennifer Knapp comes out of the closet.

-Iceland’s parliament to vote on a same-sex marriage bill.

-Italy’s Constitutional Court rules against legalizing same-sex marriage.

-Gainesville, FL elects an openly gay mayor.

-Rob Tisinai warns against overusing the word “hate” to describe opponents of gay rights.

-An Arkansas Circuit Court Judge strikes down the state’s gay adoption ban.

-President Obama issues a new rule requiring hospitals to provide visitation rights to same-sex partners and other designated care providers.

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