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You heard correctly.  Among other things, Lafferty, alongside Matt Barber, is actually trying to claim that ENDA will allow hypothetical VA employees with acrotomophilia to freely molest returning amputee veterans.

This clip is from an event called “The Awakening” sponsored by the Freedom Federation and held at Liberty University this past weekend.  Matt Barber, listed as Associate Dean for Career and Professional Development at Liberty, is seated next to Andrea Lafferty of the Traditional Values Coalition.  This particular breakout session, labeled “LGBT Agenda” was held at Liberty University School of Law and it’s dean, Matt Staver, is heavily involved.

In what appears to be the same “ends justifies the means” free-for-all that took place prior to the recent passing of the long debated hate crimes bill, no lie is too absurd to be told in an effort to prevent passing of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).  All the better if it is told in the most egregious way as to elicit an emotional response of disgust.

There is no reason to yet again go into the explanation of how ENDA does not cover paraphilias. The question I would like to ask of all current and future Liberty University students is, how much more of this will you tolerate? Do you really want your education to be forever tainted by Liberty’s sponsorship of such awful things? Their employment of malcontented opportunists like Matt Barber? Are there no legitimate apologists left for your views?

If someone has a genuine argument against the bill, one grounded in facts that can be debated in a civil way, go for it. That’s the process. But resorting to deception under the banner of faith, how much lower can they go?  How low will you let them go?

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