-Jeremy Hooper takes an in-depth look at the National Organization for Marriage.

-Anti-gay hate crimes are on the rise in London.

-Army Secretary John McHugh weighs in on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

-Stephen Colbert skewers opponents of Washington Referendum 71.

-Stand For Marriage Maine distances itself from Peter LaBarbera’s Maine press conference.

-Opponents of same-sex marriage offer weak arguments against the District of Columbia’s proposed marriage equality law.

-A US District Court denies the National Organization for Marriage’s petition to keep its donor rolls secret.

-The Christian Anti-Defamation Coalition refers to Paul Cameron’s and Scott Lively’s organizations as “fine Christian groups.”

-A homeless shelter for gay LGBT youth receives a $300,000 bequest from the estate of actress Bea Arthur.

-President Obama to announce an end to the HIV travel ban.

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