In response to a query from Grove City professor Warren Throckmorton, pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church has provided this statement concerning the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill and one of it’s major backers, Martin Ssempa.

Martin Ssempa does not represent me, my wife Kay, Saddleback Church, nor the Global PEACE Plan strategy. In 2007, we completely severed contact with Mr. Ssempa when we learned that his views and actions were in serious conflict with our own. Our role, and the role of the PEACE Plan, whether in Uganda or any other country, is always pastoral and never political. We vigorously oppose anything that hinders the goals of the PEACE Plan: Promoting reconciliation, Equipping ethical leaders, Assisting the poor, Caring for the sick, and Educating the next generation.

This is an important step for Warren, as he was an early supporter of Ssempa, who no doubt receives a great deal of perceived legitimacy from Christians in Uganda through that connection. Warren has concentrated on that country, deeming it a “Purpose Driven Nation,” referring to the trademark phrase of his ministry.

This is the kind of clear and concise message that must be sent to the people and leaders of Uganda, especially from the Christian groups in this country. And while we would like to see stronger language explicitly condemning the Anti-Homosexuality Bill itself, we commend Warren has his wife, Kay, for doing this, and for not muddying the message with side claims and excuses.

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