-Daniel Gonzales lays out the similarities between ex-gay programs and Scientology.

-Exodus ally Mark Yarhouse backs away from his previous support for reorientation efforts.

-The Seattle, WA city council passes a resolution urging voters to vote yes on Referendum 71.

-Amanda Hess dissects PFOX’s repeated claim that hate crime laws are discriminatory against ex-gays.

-A federal court dismisses a lawsuit against a hospital that denied visitation rights to a dying patient’s same-sex partner.

-Nate Silver projects a likely defeat for the marriage ban in Maine.

-Coral Ridge Ministries blatantly misrepresents the ACLU’s efforts to unblock LGBT-related websites in Tennessee public schools.

-The Maine Ethics Committee votes to investigate the National Organization for Marriage’s fundraising tactics.

-92% of Iowans acknowledge that same-sex marriage has not negatively impacted their lives.

-Jerry Seinfeld seeks same-sex couples for his upcoming reality show, The Marriage Ref.

-Illinois State Senator Heather Steans introduces a marriage equality bill.

-A Texas state judge rules that a gay couple married in another state can divorce in Texas.

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