-Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan vetoes an anti-discrimination ordinance.

-Alvin McEwen examines the anti-gay propaganda promoted by the Christian Medical and Dental Associations.

-The Durham, NC city council passes a resolution endorsing marriage equality.

-Human Rights Watch issues a report on the recent wave of anti-gay violence in Iraq.

-The Guam legislature to consider domestic partnership legislation.

-A Christian mother comes to accept her gay son.

-Jason Kuznicki analyzes the zero-sum logic behind conservative “pro-family” policies.

-The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America adopts a new policy on sexuality that allows local congregations to recognize same-sex couples.

-US District Judge Vaughn Walker denies a petition by LGBT advocacy groups to join Olson and Boies’ lawsuit challenging California Prop. 8.

-If God was responsible for the tornadoes that hit Minneapolis during the ELCA convention, as some allege, what other messages must he be sending us?

Registration for the 2009 Anti-Heterosexism Conference is now open.

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