-The Maine Family Policy Council blames gays for urban blight.

-Focus on the Family increases its focus on opposing gay marriage.

-The Episcopal Church in the USA rules that gays can be ordained as bishops.

-Former president Bill Clinton speaks in favor of gay marriage.

-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid voices support for overturning Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

-Fort Worth mayor Mike Moncrief apologizes (sort of) for the Rainbow Lounge raid.

-NYU Law School students challenge the anti-gay views of a visiting professor.

-The Gay Christian Network (GCN) wins a 2009 Pride Choice Award.

-The Supreme Court of Pakistan extends equal rights to transgender individuals.

-The US Senate passes the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act, but attaches it to a defense bill that President Obama has threatened to veto.

-Peterson Toscano calls attention to two ex-gay-related studies currently searching for participants.

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