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This seventy-second clip from from the movie Bruno catches discredited “researcher” Paul Cameron dispensing advice to the main character, played by Sacha Cohen.  As is the shtick in these movies, Cameron does not know this is a fake situation.  His comments about women and sex go a long way toward explaining a few things, to be sure.

And I wonder what those conservatives who still accept Cameron, even fund him, will think about his recommendation to an unmarried man that he allow women to “seduce him.”  Heaven help his wife with attitudes like this.

Lately I have begun to better understand the role that heterosexist attitudes play in the formation of homophobia. Early on women were property, then slaves and then just insignificant. Not until the last century did they gain any level of equality but the old feelings run deep. People have found ways to justify their second class status through scripture as well.

I am fully convinced that hatred of homosexuality came first, and was then provided for through the efforts of those who massaged the verses to accommodate it. If none suitable for the task existed, another theme would be extracted for the purpose. Hatred of homosexuality is an imperative for many, and like racism and sexism, will not be erased from our culture fully for a long time to come.

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