-Same-sex couples begin marrying in Iowa.

-Support for gay clergy continues to grow within the Presbyterian Church (USA).

-Ex-gay survivor Christine Bakke responds to her mother’s decision to start an ex-gay ministry named after Christine’s blog.

-Graduate student Scott Boscoe-Huffman seeks same-sex couples to participate in a research study.

-The New Hampshire State Senate passes a bill to legalize same-sex marriage.  Governor Lynch has not yet announced whether he will veto it.

-Support for marriage equality in the United States has increased dramatically in recent months, according to a new poll.

-Congresswoman Virginia Foxx attempts to rewrite the history of Matthew Shepard’s murder.

-Ex-gay survivor Maris Sants to speak at a psychotherapy conference in London.

-The Maine State Senate votes in favor of same-sex marriage.  The bill now moves on to the House.

-Miss California and National Organization for Marriage spokesperson Carrie Prejean declines to state whether she would date an ex-gay man.

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