Carrie Prejean, who is Miss California, created a stir when she expressed support for marriage only being between a man and a woman at the Miss USA pageant. The National Organization for Marriage quickly adopted her as a spokesperson in their new ad, called “No Offense.” While they chose to focus on Carrie’s opinions about marriage, I chose to focus on her other exploits in this parody of the original that I created.

Note: I ask for donations at the website specified in the ad, but with tongue in cheek. In reality, any donations made would go towards support of the artist who produced all of this (me) and not to any actual organization or charity.

The video might be considered a bit racy for some, but it’s all in jest. If NOM should happen to take issue with it, well, let me just state for the record – “no offense.”

Update: I found a copy of NOM’s original ad on YouTube.

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