-Meghan McCain, daughter of Sen. John McCain, comes out in favor of gay marriage.

-More than 50% of voting-age adults in North Carolina oppose a marriage amendment, according to a new poll.

-Mel White, founder of SoulForce, and his son, screenwriter Mike White, are still hanging in there on “The Amazing Race.” Timothy Kincaid reports that they are winning many fans and supporters while demonstrating true Christian graciousness.

-Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas announces his intent to veto the same-sex marriage bill overwhelmingly passed by the state senate.

-The New Hampshire house votes in favor of a gay marriage bill.

-Pam Spaulding calls Concerned Women for America on their use of Cameronesque life expectancy statistics.

-Jim Burroway examines the list of anti-gay groups that receive money from Scott Lively’s charitable trust.

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