Gay rights activists in Uganda held a press conference today in response to a recent anti-gay push coordinated by Family Life Network (FLN) leader Stephen Langa.  Ex-Gay Watch has posted exclusive video (here and here) of Langa addressing a group of people in Kampala with all manor of misinformation concerning homosexuality.  Apparently, gay leaders there thought it was time to respond publicly.

Victor Mukasa, the coordinator of the Uganda Minority Sexual Rights group says the campaign against homosexuals in the country is based on wrong information that homosexuality is an acquired behavior which can be taught to people.

Mukasa says homosexuals are naturally born attracted to people of the same sex and do not “change like weather”. Mukasa says it is wrong for Langa and his group to accuse homosexuals of being in a campaign to recruit and change school children into homosexuality. He says these allegations are aimed at making Ugandans to hate homosexuals and force the government to become punish homosexuals.

Langa has resorted to the demonization of gays with claims that they are “after the children,” reportedly bringing his pleas to FM radio stations around the city.  Some have come forward to say they had done exactly that. Mukasa comments further:

But the Family Life Network recently presented a group of former homosexuals who claimed they used to recruit students through offering them money and friendship.

Mukasa says the people claiming to have been working to promote homosexuality in schools have been paid to talk bad about homosexuals in order to make Ugandans hate homosexuals, instead of appreciating their differences.

This agrees with information we have received that those coming forward are doing so at the behest of Langa and FLN, and only after receiving money to do so. Earlier we speculated that perhaps they had been given such assignments as an alternative to jail (after having been arrested), but the apparently money is a more potent motivator.

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