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According to the Associated Press, another man has come forward about an apparently long-term sexual relationship he had with the disgraced Rev. Ted Haggard while the latter was pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs.  The young man was a volunteer and came to church officials on 2006, shortly after the first scandal broke.

[Current New Life pastor Brady] Boyd said an “overwhelming pool of evidence” pointed to an “inappropriate, consensual sexual relationship” that “went on for a long period of time … it wasn’t a one-time act.” Boyd said the man was in his early 20s at the time. He said he was certain the man was of legal age when it began.

From a quick look at the timing of events, it appears as if the church was “less than forthcoming” about this latest relationship when they reported in 2006 that they knew of no other such events. Also, their agreement with the young man who came forward was that the church would pay for counseling, and college tuition, on the condition that both sides not speak of what happened. Representing the church, Boyd said this arrangement was not hush money, but designed to help the young man move on with his life.

“It wasn’t at all a settlement to make him be quiet or not tell his story,” Boyd said. “Our desire was to help him. Here was a young man who wanted to get on with his life. We considered it more compassionate assistance — certainly not hush money. I know what’s what everyone will want to say because that’s the most salacious thing to say, but that’s not at all what it was.”

One might wonder how the agreement would have played out should the counseling have resulted in a recommendation that the young man be open and honest about what had happened. There is no word on how the church decided secrecy was “compassionate assistance.”

Haggard worked with HBO to produce a special that will be running at various times over the next month. Boyd blames the portrayal of Haggard as a victim in that special as the reason for the breach of silence.

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