Melissa Etheridge and ex-evangelical Frank Schaeffer endorse Obama’s pick of Rick Warren to pray at his inauguration.

-Jim Johnson of Straight, Not Narrow comments on the current decline of the Southern Baptist denomination.

-The Yes on 8 campaign moves to get 18,000 same-sex marriages invalidated, despite previously insisting otherwise.

-Pope Benedict XVI puts emphasis on “keeping human ecology clean,” declaring that upholding “God-given” rigid gender dichotomies and narrow sexual definitions is as important as protecting the rain forests.

-David Alex Nahmoud has posted a follow-up to his recent reports of an anti-gay family stealing away his long-term partner, convincing him to live with them, where they “exploit his disabilities” to control his life. Included in the post are relevant documents that David has scanned in proof of their actions.

-PFOX is demanding a share of United States Federal Bailout money, apparently confusing the word “bailout” with the word “handout.”

-Randy Thomas posts about an insulting government-sponsored drag queen and leather man version of the Christmas Creche in Amsterdam.  He admits that such extremists do not represent the whole of any community, but still found it worth drawing attention to.

-The AFA has a new boycott target: Campbell’s Soup. The company placed an ad in The Advocate featuring a lesbian couple and their son. Campbell’s replied that they are proud of their decision, and will not cave to the AFA’s demands.

-Timothy Kincaid offers clarity and perspective on the lawsuit over the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association’s refusal to allow a same-sex marriage to take place on property owned in its name.

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