-The Times of South Africa takes a look at the ex-gay movement.

-A former ex-gay leader who now helps GLBT individuals come to terms with their sexuality is named one of samesame.com.au’s 25 Most Influential Gay and Lesbian Australians for 2008.

-Join The Impact to host peaceful candlelight vigils in cities all over the country in memorial of the marriages that were dissolved due to Proposition 8.

-Randy Thomas praises Rick Warren’s appointment to give the U.S. inaugural invocation, despite the fact that some gay groups are upset and allegedly making it “all about them.” He says it shows Obama is interested in governing for “all” citizens and not just “special interest groups.”

-Meanwhile Rick Warren, not content with merely equating gay relationships to incest and pedophilia, describes all gays as promiscuous, immature and lacking in character.

-Unsurprisingly, Warren’s church also hosts an ex-gay ministry.

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