anthony-falzarano.gifEx-gay, ex-Exodus leader Anthony Falzarano believes God may have caused a lesbian’s partner to die of breast cancer in order to chastise her.

Falzarano, the founder of PFOX, told former ex-gay Darlene Bogle that God may have been trying to teach her something by taking away her gay partner of 15 years, Des. In a comment posted to the Beyond Ex-Gay website, Falzarano wrote:

Darlene, I’m glad I ran across your blog. I still miss you. I am sorry to hear that your lover died of breast-cancer. Darlene is God sending you a message? Please consider coming back to Exodus. You are loved and missed. Why would God call you back to lesbianism, give you a lover and then take her away. I’m sorry that you are going through this. My heart is breaking right now but I believe that you belong to the Lord and “He chastizes [sic] the one’s that he loves”. I believe He is calling you back. If you want to talk I am here to listen. Please call me at [number removed] if you want to talk. May God Bless You, Anthony Falzarano

What kind of mind tells a person they are “loved and missed,” before suggesting that the tragic death of her lover was a message from God? Someone who believes in a very manipulative God. But this is just the first of Falzarano’s odd beliefs. From the above comments, he apparently also believes he is still part of Exodus. Not so, according to Exodus President Alan Chambers, who told Ex-Gay Watch:

Falzarano was removed from Exodus in 1998 [and] was banned from our conferences. I allowed him to come to one in 2005 and he was kicked out and will never be allowed back. His check also bounced for that conference.

Having firmly disassociated himself from Falzarano, however, it must be said that Chambers’s attitude towards Darlene Bogle hasn’t always been gracious, either. When Bogle publicly apologized for misleading others in her days as an ex-gay leader, Chambers was quick to accuse her of hurting him by her “decision to go back into homosexuality,” and called on her and others to apologize to him and other ex-gays who were made “disappointed and mad” by her exit.

Hat-tip to Peterson Toscano, who writes more about Bogle’s response here.

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