• Peterson Toscano shares the story of a former ex-gay in Malta.
  • Paul Varnell looks at the state of gay rights outside of the western world.
  • Focus on the Family hides a video it had posted only 12 days prior calling for Christians to “pray for rain of Biblical proportions” during the Democratic National Convention in Denver. They are now claiming the video was supposed to be humorous and not taken seriously.
  • Anti-gay activists are getting worked up over the declaration of a “Harvey Milk Day” in California, claiming that schoolchildren would be forced to celebrate the day in the classroom, and therefor be sexually indoctrinated. Benjamin Lopez of the Traditional Values Coalition is especially peeved, saying that Milk contributed nothing to the state of California “other than encouraging gay people to come out of the closet.”
  • BTB has been extensively covering the Proposition 8 campaign in California, legislation that would ban same-sex marriage in the state. Usually euphemisms like “protecting traditional marriage” and “religious freedom” are used when anti-gay activists describe their efforts, but in a meeting with the editorial board of the LA Times, Prop. 8 supporters bared their true colors, leaving the writers “momentarily speechless.”

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