According to his online testimony, Anthony Falzarano was molested by an older brother at age 12. He became a male prostitute, eventually catering to closeted antigay conservatives such as Roy Cohn. On the basis of his years of prostitution and anonymous sex, Falzarano claims to understand “gay living.”

Falzarano founded Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays in 1996 with help from the Family Research Council. He was ousted from PFOX in mid-1999. He accused the religious right of exploiting the exgay movement and failing to support the movement financially.

Falzarano then founded Parents and Friends Christian Ministries and currently serves as the group’s national director.

After forming PFM, Falzarano later moved from the Falls Church, Virginia, area (suburban Washington, D.C.) to Steubenville, Ohio.

In 2003, as owner of an antique store and three other downtown Steubenville buildings, he organized a local business revolt against the Steubenville-area chamber of commerce.

At the antique store, he became known as a Christian employer of some down-and-out folks.

He worked for the Bush campaign in Ohio in late 2004.

He removed his 17-year-old son Carter from Summit Christian School in Palm Beach County, Florida, in March 2005.

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