• Dr. Laura softens her anti-gay stance.
  • Randy Thomas notes the increase of HIV contractions among men of color aged 13-24, and blames the promiscuity of the “gay lifestyle.” He fails to mention that the “down-low” culture created by intolerance of LGBTQ persons among Blacks and Latinos is what drives unsafe sexual practices that lead to infection.
  • Focus on the Family is apparently opposed to gays being monogamous.
  • Accusing political rivals of twisting her comments, Iris Robinson still boldly insist homosexuality is an abomination, but not a mental disorder. She believes homosexuals do not need psychiatric help for mental health needs caused by the stress of discrimination and isolation, rather, they need counselling from practitioners for their sexual confusion, she told the Northern Ireland Assembly.
  • Theologian Miguel de la Torre challenges the theology of James Dobson.
  • A straight Christian explains how he became gay-friendly.
  • There are no reggae tunes to be played for LGBTs visiting Jamaica, still one of the most homophobic countries in the world, where they love their anti-gay Prime Minister.
  • Box Turtle Bulletin reported that the American Family Association (AFA) had called for the boycott of Mc Donald’s for supporting the “homosexual agenda”. Unfortunately for the AFA, the proud man with the red wig, lips and shoes could not be bothered.
  • Prominent Korean gay actor Hong Suk-Chun, recaps his coming out experience and how it changed his life.
  • Beyond Ex-Gay to host Ex-Gay Expose opposite NARTH’s annual conference in November.
  • Exodus Vice President Randy Thomas excited over finding two people who don’t think he is a jerk. Good for you, Randy.

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