• Candace Chellew-Hodges proposes a new framework for the debate over the Bible and homosexuality.
  • The Malaysian National News Agency reports on a worrying moral decadence; its tentacles had engulfed the west, and it is now gripping the country with its ills and evil ways. “Womanly” males are to be monitored, while parents are warned children will be trapped by its clutches. Like a malignant cancer, this felony threatens to bring destruction and devastation to society, along with many diseases. Its name? They call it “Homosexual“.
  • A gay Christian blogger offers a thoughtful response to Alan Chambers’ recent New Man eMagazine article.
  • The Italian government was ordered to give 100,000 Euros to a gay man as compensation for having his Constitutional rights violated. During a medical exam for the military, he disclosed he was gay and they ordered he re-take his driving exam or have his license suspended on the grounds that he was afflicted with “sexual identity disturbance.” Even after passing the test, he was granted a license for only a year instead of the usual ten. The judges deciding the case ruled on the grounds that homosexuality could not be called a mental illness.
  • Peterson Toscano responds to a man struggling with his sexual orientation.
  • Insure.com’s CEO Robert Bland, all the while protesting to have “no agenda,” not only espouses Paul Cameron’s “research” on his website, he goes so far as to continually support and defend Cameron’s work. The infamous “gay mortality study” is used to justify the blanket statement the being a gay man makes you die sooner in what is supposed to be an impartial, informative article.
  • Right on the heels of Sally Kern, Oklahoma County Commissioner Brent Rinehart has produced his own comic book in which he fights homosexual “pedifiles” – many of whom are apparently eager to become Boy Scout leaders.
  • A repeal of a Jim Crow-era law banning out of state marriages in Massachusetts has prompted MassResistance and Peter LaBarbera to react quite unfavorably, calling it a “recipe for chaos” and warning it would “cause havoc.”

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