cameronite2.pngTimothy Kincaid and Jim Burroway of Box Turtle Bulletin have done a sterling job of exposing for using research from the notorious anti-gay propagandist Paul Cameron.

The controversy started when, an online provider of insurance advice, published an article entitled Top five ways to kill yourself and get away with it, of which the number one recommendation for certain self-destruction was “Being gay.” Author Joe White claimed that eight to 20 years’ reduction in life span was a “conservative estimate.”

It was not the first time White had made the claim. An earlier article was boldly named Gay men die 20 years younger. In support of his argument, he cited Hogg’s much-misused Vancouver study and the long-since-debunked, pseudo-scientific “research” of Paul Cameron.

Kincaid persevered with, notifying them of Cameron’s incredibly poor reputation and providing them with sound evidence to discredit his findings. stood by what they published, and White continued to deny his article was anti-gay.

Box Turtle Bulletin has now presented with the “Certified Cameronite award, for citing the discredited research of holocaust revisionist Paul Cameron.” Burroway summarizes:

[The] only people who rely on Cameron anymore are those who occupy the most radical fringes of anti-gay extremists., CEO Robert Bland, and author Joseph White are now officially in their company.

Hear, hear.

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